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It’s a challenge to be a parent today.  It’s an even greater challenge to be a Christian parent.  In my book,  Talk Now And Later:  How To Lead Kids Through Life’s Tough Topics, I share insights and answers to the questions about how to influence your children for Christ.  I remind you that you are not parenting alone – you can rely on God’s wisdom.

When you read this book you will feel encouraged and equipped to guide your child through challenging conversations about topics such as Sex, Self-Image, Death, Divorce, Bullying, and more.  Purchase your copy HERE!

If you have already purchased the book and are looking for the resources I mentioned in specific chapters, see below:

Chapter One:  How To Talk To Kids About God

Keys to Successful Family Devotions

SAMPLE Family Devotion


Chapter Two:  How To Talk To Kids About Death & Tragedy

Adaptation of Its Okay To Cry


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