FUN FRIDAY: “It’s Not About The Nail!”

This is one of the funniest videos I have ever seen.  I was reminded of it last night at an event I attended, so I wanted to share it with those of you who may not have seen it yet.  It is certainly something that EVERY man can relate to.  A word of advice:  “Don’t try to fix it, just listen.”  (if only I would heed my own advice more often, LOL)

BLOOPER Reel 2013

Our Kids Ministry shoots a LOT of video!  As you know, you can’t be perfect every time.  As a result, we enjoy poking fun of ourselves by producing a blooper reel for every single series we produce at High Voltage Kids Ministry Resources.  Well, here is a compilation of some of our biggest mishaps, miscues, and misfortunes for the year 2013!

Those of you who use our Kidmin Curriculum will want to check this out!  It will give you a behind-the-scenes preview of some of what is coming your way in 2014!  Pull up a seat…and laugh…at us!


FUN FRIDAY: Coca Cola Parenthood Ad

If you haven’t seen this ad by now, you owe it to yourself to watch!  It’s a very real-to-life portrayal of the unpredictable roller-coaster that is Parenthood.  It will have you laughing and warm your heart all within one minute.

It’s a great reminder to those of us in Kids Ministry as well.  Kids Ministry is not all “neat and tidy.”  Sometimes it can be a really messy job (and not only because of the messes that little ones can make).  In the end, the result is the JOY of knowing that you are affecting a life for eternity.  May that sink in as you serve HIS kids this week!

FUN FRIDAY: A “Redneck-a-fied” Duck Dynasty Christmas

Today marks the start of a new feature on my blog:  FUN FRIDAY!

Every Friday I will share something with you that I think is either fun or FUNNY!  It may be a video, a picture, a joke, a story, you never know!  Should be FUN!

Today, it’s a video that my church did for our Christmas Production this year.  It stars my two kids and several of their friends.  My son, Jordan, plays Phil Robertson.  My daughter, Ashton, is playing Willie Robertson.  It’s a video to depict what the Christmas Story would be if told with a redneck twist (and added lots of LONG beards).  Hope you love it!