FUN FRIDAY: “Goliath” Debuts At Six Flags Great America


Confession:  I am a HUGE roller coaster fan!  If I hear of a death-defying roller coaster within driving distance, I am usually there pretty soon.  Well, I just caught wind of this one!  It’s in Chicago, so……maybe someday!

It’s called “GOLIATH!”  It’s the fastest, tallest, and steepest wooden roller coaster in the world!  If you dare, expect to plunge down 180 feet while rocketing through twists and turns at 72 miles per hour at a near vertical 85 degree angle.

Check out this front seat POV video:  

Definitely going to have to check this one out!  By the way, if you love roller coasters you ought to check out the Kids Curriculum series I did last year called “Roller Coaster Life.”  I rode six different coasters as the kids learned about the “ups and downs” of the life of Elijah!  It was a blast!  You can pick one up here and check out a sample video below:

What about you?  What’s your favorite roller coaster you’ve ever ridden?  Comment and post links if you can!  Let’s share the adrenaline rush!!!

Fun Friday: “Mr. T – Treat Your Mother Right”

I ran across this video the other day because my friend, Jeremy Lee (of uses a portion of this song in his Parent Ministry Podcast which I was blessed to be the guest on this week.  It is hilarious!  Although I am a child of the 80s and a HUGE fan, it emcompasses everything that was WRONG with the 80s.  Bad choreography, hilarious fashion, cheesy concepts, and bad acting.  But, it is so EPIC!!!

Since Mother’s Day is coming up, I thought I would share it with you!

These Parents Have A Case Of Brain “Freeze” (FUN FRIDAY)

It’s FUN FRIDAY, everybody! I don’t know about the kids in YOUR community, but all of my kids are obsessed with “FROZEN.” I admit, I liked the movie. I loved the music. I did fall asleep in the middle of it, but that happens to me in just about every movie I see (turn off the lights and I am out).

These parents were on a road trip with their young daughter. What ensues is a definite case of brain “freeze.” They starting enjoying themselves a little too much as they sang “Love Is An Open Door.” Keep a sharp eye on their daughter in the backseat. She couldn’t care less about what her crazy parents were doing in the front seat. Enjoy!

FUN Friday: “Church Signs” (parody of “Blurred Lines”)

One of my pet peeves are church signs that are used to display silly little saying that every church gets out of the same book or off the same website.  Church signs should be used to tell the community WHAT IS HAPPENING at the church (service times, upcoming events, etc.)  My personal opinion is that the world is not impressed with our “Eternity:  your choice – smoking or non-smoking” humor.

So, when I saw this very well-done video – I had to share it.  One of the best parodies I have ever seen.  Hilarious!  Check it out!

FUN Friday: “What Does The Clock Say?” (spoof of “What Does The Fox Say?”)

OK, so I am sure you have seen the unbelievably viral and unbelievably zany video for the song, “What Does The Fox Say?”  In fact, if your kids have seen it – they no doubt didn’t stop singing the song for weeks.  Well, you are going to love this…

We have a tradition at our church to remind people about the end of Daylight Savings Time when we Spring Forward – and to do it in a crazy funny way.  We want to poke fun of the idea that anyone would actually be late for church simply because they lost an hour of sleep.  So, we have done these crazy videos for the past several years.  This one speaks for itself.  If you would like to purchase this video for your church to use – you can find it on Sermon Spice !


FUN Friday: “Olympic Skiers Attacked By Star Wars Imperial Walkers”

I am sure you have all enjoyed the Winter Olympic coverage the past week.  Certainly, it is awesome to watch these incredible athletes accomplish things that most of us could only dream of doing.

To go along with the Olympic theme, this week’s FUN FRIDAY is one of the most creative Olympic Spoof videos I have seen.  Watch, as Star Wars’ Imperial Walkers (AT-ATs) shoot lasers to disrupt Olympic hopefuls’ chances at a gold medal.  It’s all in fun, folks.  So, just laugh…

FUN FRIDAY: Delta’s On An 80’s Trip!


I love creativity!  I especially love when someone can take something that has been around for years and give it a fresh, bold, creative twist so that it piques the interest of the audience once again.

Delta has done exactly this with their “in-flight safety” instructional video.  Being a child of the 80’s, it was fun to identify all of the wacky 80’s references they showed:  ALF, Teddy Ruxpin, Rubik’s Cube, Devo, and more!  See if you can find them all!

Ask yourself, what is something in your Kids Ministry that can use a new dose of creativity?  What activity, signage, class, teaching, etc. would come alive if only you spent an hour or two creating a NEW way of presenting it?  Well, don’t hesitate – GO FOR IT!

But, first, enjoy this hilarious video and have a “FUN FRIDAY!”


FUN Friday: “Get Off The Phone!” Song

Ever since I saw them perform as “The Fabulous Bentley Brothers” on Phil Vischer’s “What’s In The Bible?,” I have been a huge fan of Rhett and Link.  These two guys have made a living creating hilarious videos for YouTube.  My son, Jordan, is one of their biggest fans.

Rhett and Link are such talented guys.  Not only are they HILARIOUS, but they actually are very gifted songwriters and performers.  They have many parody songs that will make you laugh out loud.  This is definitely one of them!  The “Get Off The Phone!” Song is a humorous commentary on one of the biggest social issues of our time – TOO MUCH time on mobile devices.

I love the fact that Rhett and Link don’t settle for simple, funny videos.  Everything is done BIG!  Enjoy!