FUN Friday: “Church Signs” (parody of “Blurred Lines”)

One of my pet peeves are church signs that are used to display silly little saying that every church gets out of the same book or off the same website.  Church signs should be used to tell the community WHAT IS HAPPENING at the church (service times, upcoming events, etc.)  My personal opinion is that the world is not impressed with our “Eternity:  your choice – smoking or non-smoking” humor.

So, when I saw this very well-done video – I had to share it.  One of the best parodies I have ever seen.  Hilarious!  Check it out!

FUN Friday: “What Does The Clock Say?” (spoof of “What Does The Fox Say?”)

OK, so I am sure you have seen the unbelievably viral and unbelievably zany video for the song, “What Does The Fox Say?”  In fact, if your kids have seen it – they no doubt didn’t stop singing the song for weeks.  Well, you are going to love this…

We have a tradition at our church to remind people about the end of Daylight Savings Time when we Spring Forward – and to do it in a crazy funny way.  We want to poke fun of the idea that anyone would actually be late for church simply because they lost an hour of sleep.  So, we have done these crazy videos for the past several years.  This one speaks for itself.  If you would like to purchase this video for your church to use – you can find it on Sermon Spice !


FUN FRIDAY: Delta’s On An 80’s Trip!


I love creativity!  I especially love when someone can take something that has been around for years and give it a fresh, bold, creative twist so that it piques the interest of the audience once again.

Delta has done exactly this with their “in-flight safety” instructional video.  Being a child of the 80’s, it was fun to identify all of the wacky 80’s references they showed:  ALF, Teddy Ruxpin, Rubik’s Cube, Devo, and more!  See if you can find them all!

Ask yourself, what is something in your Kids Ministry that can use a new dose of creativity?  What activity, signage, class, teaching, etc. would come alive if only you spent an hour or two creating a NEW way of presenting it?  Well, don’t hesitate – GO FOR IT!

But, first, enjoy this hilarious video and have a “FUN FRIDAY!”


Another One Of Our “Time Change Sunday” Parodies

So, did you like “On Time Style” and “Call Me, Wake Me!” – well, you ain’t seen nothing yet!  This is the final installment of our Time Change Sunday videos.  This one stars our Choir Director (who is 68 years old) rocking out to a parody of Michael Jackson’s “Black Or White”.  It’s Time Change Sunday this week – so make sure you “Change The Time!”  Enjoy!

Another “Time Change Sunday” Parody – “Call Me, Maybe!”

So many of you watched our other “Time Change Sunday” Parody Video (“On Time Style” and asked, “Do you have more?” Well, yes we do! Here is a great parody of the big hit, “Call Me, Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepsen. This one stars our Preschool Coordinator, who apparently broke her alarm clock and wants you to “Call Me, Wake Me!” so she isn’t late for church on Time Change Sunday! Enjoy!