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6 thoughts on “Contact

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  2. Words cannot express the gratitude we have in our hearts for your generous gift to us. We are overwhelmed and so thankful that as we are on coming closer to the end of our time on this earth that there are new torches already that will carry on the love of God’s Children. Our hearts are so full and we feel are blessed beyond words. After 10 hours of working with the program, we are ready to preset out first High Voltage. So excited, now that I have everything figured out, the Computer loaded, T.V. Monitor in place ( thanks to BGMC) We are ready! Please thank your beautiful wife as well. God bless you, we will keep you and yours in our prayers. Just remember us as Sarah and Abraham! BTW, I am sure your program would take a young un much less time. Just had to figure out how to do a lot , remember we grew up listening to the radio.LOL

  3. I have looked at your cirriculum, can it be adapted in Sunday School or is it more for Children’s Church. I have been in Children’s minstry for the last 28 years, but only full-time for 6 months.
    I’ve always done children’s church, but here they meet in large group then go to their S. S. classes.

    I am reading your book I Blew it, (gret boo!) recommended by my pastor.