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I am so excited about the upcoming release of my brand new book, “Talk Now And Later:  How To Lead Kids Through Life’s Tough Topics” on September 1, 2015.  It’s a book I wrote to help parents, grandparents, and anyone who is a spiritual influence in the life of a child to help them navigate the tough conversations about today’s “taboo” subjects such as sex, bullying, money, divorce, self-image, and more.

I have talked to a lot of people who have read Talk Now and Later.  Many of them expressed feeling encouraged and equipped to guide their child through tough conversations.

It makes my heart jump when I hear those testimonial stories.  This is the very reason why I wrote the book, created my video series and why I blog about parenting so much.  I simply love to help equip you to talk to your kids about difficult stuff.

Tonight at midnight (August 15, 2015), the discounted offer for an autographed copy of Talk Now and Later is going away.  Obviously, the book will still be for sale through Amazon and other retail outlets, but I won’t be signing copies anymore.

I want you to consider something:

1.) If you have read the book and it positively impacted you, please consider purchasing a copy for others that may benefit from it.

At this time you can still benefit from an (up to) 40% discount on bulk orders.  And yes, these will also be signed by me!

2.)  If you haven’t read the book yet, you may want to consider getting one now.  I confidently believe that it will bless you tremendously and that the practical information as shared in the book will fuel memorable conversations with you and your children. 

If you’d like to get an autographed copy at a discounted price, then now is your chance to get one.  CLICK HERE to order your autographed copy!

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