10 Children’s Pastors I Don’t Follow Anymore

This week, I am away at Kids Camp.  So, I have invited a couple of my good friends in Kids Ministry to share some guest posts on my blog.  This a guest post from my great friend, Ryan Frank, who is the CEO of KidzMatter and a Vice President at Awana Clubs International.  He blogs over at RyanFrank.com.  But, most importantly, Ryan is a leader’s leader.  Ryan is giving away  some great video training at RyanFrank.com.  I encourage you to go sign up so you start receiving them.  They are inspiring, informative, and transformational.  

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I love children’s pastors. I have given much of my life to equipping them and cheering them on.  I also love following children’s pastors and learning from them.  (My favorite places to do this are on Twitter and Instagram.)
However, there are ten children’s pastors that I don’t care to follow.  They are:
1.  The children’s pastor who is happy with a mediocre ministry.
2.  The children’s pastor who has no vision for his/her ministry.
3.  The children’s pastor who talks behind leadership’s back.
4.  The children’s pastor who won’t collaborate.
5.  The children’s pastor who won’t walk the talk.
6.  The children’s pastor who resists new ideas.
7.  The children’s pastor who lacks good people skills.
8.  The children’s pastor who refuses to develop others.
9.  The children’s pastor who loves big strategies but can’t implement.
10.  The children’s pastor who can’t manage him or herself. (If you can’t manage yourself, how can you manage others?)
These poor leadership traits pop up more frequently than not.  Avoid them.  If you find any of these surfacing in your life, please create a strategy to deal with them! (And carefully choose to follow people who model excellence in leadership.)
Ryan and his wife, Beth, are also the publishers of KidzMatter Magazine.  He is the author of 9 Things They Didn’t Teach Me in College About Children’s Ministry (Standard) and Give Me Jesus (Baker Publishing).


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