Kids Ministry “Meatloaf”


A mother was making meatloaf with her teenage daughter, a ritual they’ve been doing together for years.  As part of the tradition, the two chefs cut the end off one side of the meatloaf before putting it in the oven.  One day, the teen asks, “Mom, why do we cut the end off the meatloaf before we put it in the oven?”

Taken by surprise, the mom began to think.  She really wasn’t sure of the reason, but she had observed her own mother do this many times when she made meatloaf.  So, the teen and the mother called up Grandma to find the answer.  After a brief laugh, the grandmother admitted that she didn’t really know the answer either; she’d learned the technique from her mother.  Their curiosity sparked, the three went to visit Great-Grandma in the nursing home where she lived.  Upon hearing the question, the 98-year-old great-grandmother roared with laughter.  “I have no idea why YOU are cutting the end off the meatloaf!  I used to do it because I didn’t have a big enough pan!”

We laugh at this story, but how many of us could take a long hard look at our Kids Ministry and find that we are still doing many things the same way after many years only because we saw someone else do it that way in the past.  It would do us all some good to look at our ministry with a microscope and find out how many areas we are “cutting the meat loaf” in.

It’s time to question the status quo.  Look at the programs, processes, and systems in your Kids Ministry.  Many things may have made sense in the past, but are no longer relevant.  Not everything is a “meatloaf”, but many things are.  It’s important to ask yourself the question so you know where the “meatloaf” is in your ministry.

What are some areas in your ministry that you have discovered were “meatloaf” in the past?  Share your experiences in the comments section.  Let’s learn from one another…

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