INSIDE LOOK: “High Voltage Kids Ministry BIG Announcement”


Ten years ago, my team and I wrote and produced our very first Kidmin Curriculum called, “Got Questions?”  Since then, High Voltage Kids Ministry has gone on to be used in well over 5,000 churches world-wide!  We have a HUGE announcement that is going to be a GAME-CHANGER for Kidmin Leaders!

We are giving you an INSIDE LOOK at the BIGGEST creative venture we have ever attempted!  If you are a big user of our Curriculum or have ever thought about using it, THIS is going to blow your mind!

Check out the video below for all the details, then leave us a comment in the comments section and tell us what you think of the BIG announcement…

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25 thoughts on “INSIDE LOOK: “High Voltage Kids Ministry BIG Announcement”

  1. What an amazing offer. I have used this ministry curicculum since the beginning. I cant wait to take part in this.

  2. This is a great deal, I wish I was working in a local church right now so I could do this.

    God Bless you all for everything you do for Children’s Ministry.

  3. Woo Hoo!!!! I am so excited! This is Great! Thank you Pastor Brian and High Voltage Team for creating incredible curriculum for Children’s Ministry and making it easily accessible for us! Blessings!

  4. This was beyond what I could have imagined! So very excited. Love your curriculum and so thankful for all you do to help us minister to the next generation! On a side note…my kids are going to FLIP about the skittles video! They are always wanting “him” to come to church here. Lol! Thanks again!

  5. Wow, Very cool.
    I will need to get permission from my Senior Pastor and our board, but it is my desire to come on board yearly level.

    I oversee and teach in our Children’s Ministry at our church we have been so blessed by these curriculum’s.
    I met you at Kids Camp at Spencer Lake in WI. several years ago, and have been on board ever since.

    You and your staff do an outstanding job bringing the Word to a level of understanding and fun, that helps me equip the volunteer staff in our children’s church. They all love it.

    God continue to bless you with these witty inventions and marvelous curriculum.

    Mary Schabel
    Assoc. Pastor – Children’s and Outreach
    Grace Christian Church
    Fond du Lac, WI 54937

  6. Thank you to you and your team for blessing so many churches over these past ten years. I know the churches in North Texas have been blessed by your ministry. My life has been blessed by you personally and I thank God for raising you up to minister to the children here and around the world. I am sure that I will be a part of the before September group. May God explode your ministry beyond what you can imagine or think.

  7. Sounds exciting! Will all the lessons be new or will any be repeats of what you’ve already put out?

    • As stated in the video, ALL lessons will be brand new and delivered to you before the general public, before they go up on our website! You’ll have the inside track to all of our latest resources! Isn’t that cool?

  8. I can’t wait to take this to my pastor and our board for approval for yearly membership! I’m especially excited about the personal greeting from Skittles! My kids will love that!

  9. WOW! That is an awesome announcement. Would love to partner with you guys but right now we are a small church and do not have the income to do so. I know everyone that can will partner with you guys. You do such a great job, we use your material when we can. May God continue to bless you guys and give you creative ideas for your ministry.

  10. Awesome! This sounds great! Our church uses your worship dvds (High Voltage Kids Worship that has the Throw Up Song) that we bought at a conference years ago in Springfield, Mo. The Kids love it.

  11. Love, love love the great deal! High Voltage has always turned my head with approval and enthusiasm.

    Just a question… Do you have a sequence of lesson themes that are followed that is available to the public? I want to be strategic in our discipleship. Holding my breath in hopes!

    Also, I’d LOVE to purchase this deal for another church; is that possible?