Have you seen the “POWER BIBLE?”

I was recently introduced to the “POWER BIBLE.”  It is a resource that was produced by Green Egg Media.  It is an amazing new children’s Bible that uses an Asian comics style artwork.  I must say, I am impressed.

There are several highlights to this resource that I want to point out:

1.  The artwork is stellar.

2.  It’s well-executed and set in a format that kids will “eat up.”

3.  It gives kids a tool to use to share the truth of God’s Word with their friends.

4.  It can be used as a great devotional tool for kids.

5.  It is very comprehensive.  There are 10 issues in the series, covering the Old and New Testament.

Here is a sample of the artwork:

Also, I found a really cool video that tells you even more about this resource!

I have been given a FREE copy of the Power Bible to give away to one of my blog readers.  If you would like to enter to win, just email brian@highvoltage-kids.com today!  I will announce the winner in a post next week!

If you would like to purchase your own copy of the Power Bible, click this link

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