Starting A Kids Ministry From Scratch (An Essential Resource)


If you have ever had the daunting task of having to start a Kids Ministry from scratch (as in NOTHING, ZILCH, NADA), then you know it can be exhausting.  It’s all you can do to keep from pulling your hair out and losing your marbles.  That is, until now!

My friend and fellow Kids Pastor, Trisha Peach, has developed a LIFE-CHANGING resource:  “Your Children’s Ministry From Scratch.”  It is the definitive how-to book for anyone who ministers to children, whether volunteer or paid staff.  It’s funny, poignant and interactive!

Trisha’s book, “Your Children’s Ministry From Scratch” is due out this summer 2014.  This project has been several years in the making, and comes out of Trisha’s 16 years as a full-time staff children’s pastor.  Part of her job as children’s pastor for Christian Life Center in Dayton Ohio (church of about 3000, with 600 kids) was to go into their 11 partnership churches in the city and help them set up their children’s ministry. Each of these churches varied widely as far as ethnicities, racial backgrounds, budgets, and facilities.  Trisha even helped with the children’s ministries at their partnership churches in Swaziland Africa (a trip that changed her life).  She began to understand that the vast majority of children’s ministry leaders and volunteers in churches large and small, do NOT receive the training and resources they need to be effective.  These are wonderful people in that God has raised up, people with a willing heart and a desire to reach kids for Jesus.  In fact, the recent statistics say that most children’s directors in the U.S. have no background or training in children’s ministry when they begin serving. 

For a long while now, Trisha has felt a God given-desire to write an easy to read, step by step guide to building a quality children’s ministry in ANY church, ANYWHERE. “Your Children’s Ministry From Scratch” is written for established children’s pastors, children’s ministry students and for anyone who has just stepped up to lead a children’s ministry.  Instead of recommending 10 books on 10 different subjects, this book takes a fresh look at all the basics and much more all in one compact volume!  Some of the topics covered are: writing your first budget, choosing the right curriculum for YOUR church, recruitment that works, safety and your ministry, communicating well with parents, kids and staff and much more. This funny, poignant and at times very blunt how-to manual is interactive and jam packed with information and resources for surviving and thriving in children’s ministry.


Trish is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to help with the kickoff and promotion of the book.  What does this mean for you?  It means you get an unbelievable opportunity to get incredible deals on the first printing of the book, plus insider info, autographed copies, and more!  Check out this video that Trisha put together to tell you all about it!

The Kickstarter campaign ends in just a few days on June 17th!  Don’t miss out on your opportunity!

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