How To Know The Difference Between Being “Careful” And “Fearful”

fearful or careful


I can’t tell you how many times FEAR has kept me from stepping out and doing something big for God!  Fear is a powerful emotion and many times is a major deterrent to us accomplishing what God has called us to do.

Some people pretend not to be afraid.  They talk big, but they aren’t fooling anyone. Others redefine it.  They claim, “I’m not afraid. I’m just being very careful.”  In his book, Next Generation LeaderAndy Stanley compared “careful” and “fearful.”

Careful is cerebral; fearful is emotional.

Careful is fueled by information; fearful is fueled by imagination.

Careful calculates risk; fearful avoids risk.

Careful wants to achieve success; fearful wants to avoid failure.

Careful is concerned about progress; fearful is concerned about protection.

As you look at this comparison, are you fearful or careful?  Be honest.

Playing it safe doesn’t take us where God wants us to go.  We don’t want to take insane risks, but we need to be willing to listen to the Spirit and go where He leads us.  I have to ask myself: Does what I’m doing today require God’s wisdom and power, or can I do it on my own?

My friend Kathy Creasy says, “It is tempting to maintain the status quo ministry—to do what we have always done, to do what others have had success doing, to do what will cause the least conflict, to do what is expected of us. But courageous faith seeks the mind of God then steps out to faithfully accomplish what God has spoken.”

Have you sensed God leading you to do something but you found a bunch of excuses to avoid it?  If you have, it’s time to face your fears, take God’s hand, and step out in faith.

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