Here Is The First Look At The New “Left Behind” Movie (Starring Nicolas Cage)


For those of you who are fans of the “Left Behind” book series by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins, this is probably not breaking news.  For the rest of the world, it definitely is.  There is a NEW film adaptation of the first book, “Left Behind,” coming to theaters this October 3rd.

This version of the film boasts a much bigger budget and a much stronger cast.  Nicolas Cage is an Academy Award Winner and you will recognize Lea Thompson from her role is “Back To The Future.”  The budget for this film dwarfs that of the original.  Will it play well in theaters?  Only time will tell.

Personally, I had a lot of trouble watching the first installment (2000, starring Kirk Cameron) because it was so campy.  I am truly hoping this one is done better.  Here is your first look at the Official Trailer:

Since this film is starring several big-name actors, it is bound to get people talking.  We need to be ready to discuss the rapture with people in an intelligent way.  Let’s not let this slip up on us.  Read the Bible.  Study the scriptures.  ALSO, please understand that this is a dramatization and FICTION.  The story itself is made up and there is a LOT of creative license taken (although, not nearly as much as the “Noah” movie, I would hope).  It is important that Christians know how to explain that the Rapture itself is real, but this particular dramatic adaptation is fiction.  

So, after seeing the trailer, what are your thoughts?  Is the world ready for big-budget movie about the Rapture of the Church?  Are you ready?  Leave your thoughts in the Comments section…


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2 thoughts on “Here Is The First Look At The New “Left Behind” Movie (Starring Nicolas Cage)

  1. This movie will be much more confrontational to viewers and will engage and challenge their thoughts of the rapture compared to movies like Noah or Heaven is for Real. I look for more conversations in the media about the movie with a bit of a negative bias. We’ll see…..and I will definitely watch the movie. Gotta love Nicholas Cage!

  2. Nicholas Cage is an excellent actor. I am okay with some creative license as long as it isn’t a total departure from the basic principle of Scripture. Most of the “Bible stories” we love on television or the movies take creative license since we don’t have a minute by minute update I Scripture to say it didn’t happen a certain way. But if we study our Scriptures we can tell if a certain creative license does not line up with the character of God, Jesus, or the rest of Scripture.

    I look forward to seeing it and talking about it. I think this will definitely open the door for discussion. Before I begin to study the Word I watched The OMEN movies and thought they were awesome about the prophecy of the Antichrist until I studied the Word more and wondered “What in the world was I thinking?!!” LOL. Captured my attention though.