“Consequences” In Kids Ministry

In a recent post, I explained what our discipline policies are for Kidmin.  Several have asked me to post our “consequences”, so here you go!

If you want kids to follow your “rules,” then you MUST  follow through with established consequences.  Consequences help kids own their behavior and teach them to make better choices.  Here are the established steps we follow when applying consequences.

1.  Remind the child of the rule they have broken.Often, kids just “forgot” and acted before thinking.  Have grace for those accidental mistakes.

2.  Official WarningSay, “OK, now this is your ONE warning.  The next time today that you break a rule, then I am going to have take action.”

3.  Move the child to a different seatUsually, the best place is right beside one of your workers.  If that is not possible, then move the child as close to you as possible.

4.  Remove the child from the room (bring them to office)
The child is brought to a “neutral space” outside of the classroom.  In our case, this is the Children’s Ministry office/Teacher’s Lounge.

5.  Pastor discussion –
The child is talked to by the Children’s Pastors.  Their attitude is assessed.  If they are repentant, then this is as far as it goes.  If they are not repentant or they have been sent to the office recently, then… 

6.  Parent meeting –
The Children’s Pastor will talk with the parents of the child when they come to pick them up.  The issues are thoroughly explained, and the parents are brought into the process.

7.  Suspension for one week –
The child is not allowed to attend the Children’s Service the following week.  They are required to sit with their parents in the main adult service.

8.  Suspension for three weeks –
If the child has been dealt the one week suspension more than once, then the next time they are suspended, it is for three consecutive weeks.

9.  Permanent suspension (we have NEVER had to do this so far)

Above all, let’s take a POSITIVE approach.  You get what you celebrate!

How about you?  What are your steps for consequences?  Share in the comments section!

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