Disney Channel Introduces First Lesbian Couple On A Kids’ Show

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Yesterday, I posted on my Facebook page a link to an article about Disney Channel introducing it’s first lesbian couple on a kids’ show.  My goal was to share something that many may not have been aware of and to see what parents and Kids Ministry leaders thought about this decision by Disney and their show, “Good Luck, Charlie.”  I got a lot of reaction – on both sides of the issue.

Rather than respond to each comment, I thought it would be better if I fleshed out my thoughts here on the blog.  So, here are my random thoughts on the subject:

  • I am not shocked, but I am disappointed. – Disney is not a Christian company, so I certainly NEVER expect them to reflect Christian standards, values, or practices.  Generally, Disney does a great job of providing benign family entertainment.  Sometimes, there are even some good morals and values displayed within their stories and characters.  My main disappointment with this is that Disney made a calculated decision to introduce this controversial adult subject on a show that is aimed at young children.
  • I see it as an opportunity for conversation with your kids. – Disney should not have included this very controversial subject in a show that is targeted to kids.  The issue of same-sex couples is one that is way too complicated and difficult for a six-year-old to comprehend or process.  But, the fact remains – they did include it.  It’s done.  If your kids saw it and had questions, then this is an opportunity for you to talk with them about what the Bible says.  It’s possible that your kids didn’t even notice the “two moms” thing.  If not, then don’t feel pressured to have the conversation.  However, if your kids are in 4th grade or older – it’s definitely something they are already hearing about.  Probably time to address it and help them process from a biblical point of view.
  • Don’t overreact and freak out!  I see too many parents flip out over things like this.  Don’t go on a diatribe about the “liberal agenda” and the “Disney Conspiracy.”  Just calmly share with them how, although some people choose to live their lives in contradiction to what God planned and the Bible teaches (whether that is homosexuality, lying, stealing, or any other sin) – our goal should be to pray for them, show them God’s love, and display God’s character in everything we do.  Don’t flip out!  When you ignore the murder, violence, and harsh language in some shows and then become outraged when a scene that depicts homosexuality appears – I think that sends a message to your kids that some sins are more egregious than others.  That’s not biblical.  Sin is sin.  Let’s not be guilty of elevating ONE sin above others simply because we personally find it more offensive.
  • Be aware of what your kids are watching! – Parents need to KNOW what their kids are watching.  You need to preview things when possible.  Just because something is marketed as a kids show and is on a kids channel does not make it appropriate for your kids.  Cherith and I banned several “kids shows” from our children due to the fact that the subject lines followed YOUNG kids dating and kissing one another.  We felt that it wasn’t the “norm” we wanted our kids to see and accept.  Had we not made a habit of watching the kids shows WITH our kids, we never would have known to do this.
  • Don’t be afraid to turn the channel or turn the TV off! – You don’t have to create a firestorm and go on a rant.  You can simply turn the TV off.  Your kids may not understand why, but you can talk through it and explain the reasons. After all, we are called to be “in the world, but not of it.”  Whether it is this particular subject or another – we can’t hide our heads in the sand and pretend like nothing is happening.  We must be proactive in guarding our hearts and the hearts of our kids.
  • Don’t focus only on the DON’T! – More importantly than what we DON’T allow them to “take in,” we must make sure they ARE taking in God’s Word, His presence, and His Spirit.  If we focus only on what we DON’T want our kids to see or experience and don’t put the same amount of effort into putting the RIGHT things in their lives, I think that is a failure on our part as parents.

So, those are MY thoughts and opinions.  Am I off base here?  Do you agree?  I welcome honest feedback.  (a short clip from the show where the couple is introduced is below; for a full representation of the entire subplot, visit this link http://goo.gl/qSlUCF)

Please note: I reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive or off-topic.

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89 thoughts on “Disney Channel Introduces First Lesbian Couple On A Kids’ Show

  1. This was a great article Brian! I love your point to not overreact. We definitely need to be aware of what our kids are watching and know WHEN to turn our tv off, but overreacting and boycotting is elevating certain sins, which is not what we should be teaching our kids.
    I am very disappointed that there are less and less things that we can feel safe letting our kids watch, but unfortunately, that is the direction that the world has gone. We need to be aware, and conscientious about what we are allowing our kids to watch. Keep open lines of communication with them and encourage them to make good choices in what they fill their minds with. Thank you for the article! 🙂

  2. Wow! I too prized Disney of wholesome family viewing. Why are they giving in to the pressure of a minority group and pin point our kids as an audience.? This is the kind of world we are living in where sinfulness abounds but yet we need to guard the hearts of our little ones. It’s a shame we can’t just keep them young and innocent forever but they do grow up and yes these topics need to be discussed at home from a Biblical point of view before they hear it from some kid on the playground. What next is what I ask Disney:(

  3. I think all your thoughts are right on Brian. I especially appreciate your advice to not over react because our kids are learning from us through every response we make. Your reminder that all sin is equal is critical–I truly hope that we (Christians) will realize that we have been targeting some sin as “greater” and that we are hurting people and the mission of Christ whenever we do so. Thanks for addressing this today.

  4. I agree with your thoughts, Brian. 1) Do not overreact. 2) Guard your kids’ hearts and minds. 3) Keep feeding your kids on the Word. 4) All sin is equal. 5) I think an important note to parents is, while Disney may control the content of Disney shows, parents control what is on tv in their homes.

  5. I talked to my children about same sex couples when they were quite young. I have family members that are homosexual and wanted my children to understand. Not to mention they may encounter friends in their life with same sex parents. I don’t want my children to be mean to another child because they don’t understand. Do you not explain why some married couples don’t stay together or why their friends parents get divorced? Is that not against christian values as well? It is up to us as parents to teach our children human respect and love. Not to keep breeding judgement, prejudice and hate.

    • Shannon, thank you so much for your thoughts. Totally agree that there are MANY topics that should be talked about with kids. This is the topic that happened to be covered on the show, so that’s why it is the focus of the blog article. I appreciate you weighing in.

    • that has nothing to do with the subject. You should teach your kids to respect and treat all people kind, but at the same time that it is wrong. Being tolerant and accepting something as good are two different things

      • I agree, k! Teaching your children right from wrong (which includes ALL sexual immorality, not just homosexuality) is not the same as teaching them hate, and that’s not at all where this article is coming from. They certainly SHOULD be taught kindness and respect no matter what but not acceptance of sin in any form.

  6. Long before Disney introduced these characters, a lot of kids already have been introduced to their friends 2 moms, or 2 dads. How we react to a tv show is one thing (which I think you did a good job in your article), responding to real life people , which could easily be one of our kids friends, is important also.

  7. Thanks for the article Pastor Brian. So very well stated and important points addressed. Good reading for those with small children and grandkids as well as any one of us since it serves as a reminder that it is SIN Christ died for and that includes all sin.
    I think it is very appropriate to address a particular sin when that is the sin that someone has questions about how to handle and you did this one with great skill, wisdom, and help for those who are being introduced to a whole new world.

    • Well said Patricia! We were just watching Disney with our grandson when I saw this on FB. He recognized the show right away. Of course, he knows that this is wrong but has been taught to be respectful to everyone and that sin is in this world but God is greater than all of it!! We have to be the Godly example to our family now more than ever. So disappointed in Disney!

  8. I am guilty of overreacting when I was made aware of the lesbian couple. I immediately called my wife and asked if the kids (2 girls aged 15 & 13) watched this show. My youngest did and loves it.

    I basically told my wife that “from henceforth no child of mine shall be permitted to engage in the viewing of this program”. I felt like Yul Brynner from The Ten Commandments. I think I might have even followed it with, “So let it be written, so let it be done”.

    When I arrived home from an awesome day at work which consisted of answering phone calls and watching Sleepy Hollow and The Blacklist on Hulu, I asked my wife if she told the girls about my decree and what their reactions were not thinking that the shows I had viewed earlier in the day were full of witchcraft and murder.

    She said the oldest didn’t care because she didn’t watch the show. The youngest was sad because she liked the show a lot.

    I went into a diatribe about how horrible Disney was and how our children are being indoctrinated with this filth and how gross the government is.

    My wife said that dinner was just about ready and would it be alright to watch a show whilst eating dinner. I of course said that that would be fine when I looked at the dinner table and saw that it was littered with crafting supplies and a homemade tornado tube (two 2 liters connected).

    So we sat down with our wonderful dinner, which might have been goulash and started to thumb through the DVR. We stopped on Monk and started the next available episode.

    Right off the bat someone was murdered in some fashion. It was up to Adrian Monk, the former SFPD Detective riddled with multiple OCDs to solve the case.

    All this to say that I had to rethink what I allowed my children to view and to rethink what I was teaching my children. I am fully guilty of teaching my kids, through my actions that one sin is worse than another because I find it to be more offensive to me.

    I was teaching my kids that murder, sure was bad but hey, it’s ok because Monk will solve the crime. However…LESBIANISM!! Wow! Throw the TV out the window and put a parental block on the computer for anything that ends with ISM.

    I couldn’t agree with Brian more. Guard your children’s hearts and teach them right from wrong.
    While we may not be able to shield their eyes from everything forever, we can teach them the Word of God and teach them right from wrong now.

    What we teach our children today will affect many generations to come.

    I absolutely love the NLT version of Provers 22:6 “Direct your children onto the right path, and when they are older, they will not leave it”.

    Proverbs 4:23 says, “Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it”.

    So, I’ve decided that I will be a lot more vigilant with what my children see and a lot more vigilant with showing my children what the Word of God says about what the world portrays as “normal”.


    • Sam, thank you for sharing. You are a great Dad for being willing to show your kids that you are not afraid to admit when you are wrong. That takes incredible guts! They will have nothing but respect for you – not only for that action, but for showing them by example that Proverbs 4:23 is legit! You did well, man – “so let it be written, so let it be done!” 🙂

    • Samuel, your Yul Brenner response sounded just like my husband! Had to read it to him; especially the “so let it be written, so let it be done”–a favorite line of his often heard in our household! Of course, my response was (and is) “couldn’t you model Moses instead of Pharaoh?”…Takes a very mature person to admit he (or she) overreacted. Kudos!

    • Sam, I see a difference in Monk and what Disney has done. In Monk, the murder was not celebrated, nor was there an implication that murdering is okay. Indeed, the fact that the murder was labeled a “crime” and a detective was then tasked with figuring out who committed the crime and bringing the killer to justice does not normalize the behavior of killing people, nor does it teach your children that we should show tolerance toward murderers because, hey, they’ve just chosen an alternative lifestyle. The crime is still a crime, even if it’s part of a show that we watch for entertainment.

      What Disney is doing, on the other hand, is attempting to normalize certain lifestyle decisions that we, as Christians, believe to be sinful and abhorrent. Disney is trying to teach kids that the gay lifestyle is a legitimate lifestyle that is worthy of the same level of respect as traditional, heterosexual relationships, when we know that that lifestyle is utterly illegitimate. Now, as Christians, we recognize that we all are sinners and that we are are called to love one another, regardless of that sin. We also know that we must treat others with dignity, and we must instill that value in our children. However, as we are teaching our children to love and respect all people, we must also ensure that our children understand right from wrong and that they aren’t sucked into the pop culture trap that celebrates sin as a legitimate lifestyle choice.

      Long story short, I really don’t think it’s a problem for a child to watch a police show where crime is recognized as crime and a killer is brought to justice. I do, however, think it’s a problem for a child to watch a show that attempts to normalize sinful behavior as a legitimate lifestyle decision.

      • Matt, I see what you’re saying and I appreciate the response. My point was that I have been allowing my children to sit in front of the electronic babysitter and often see violence in shows and not bat an eye. On the flip side, when I found that there was a lesbian couple being introduced in one of the shows that they watched (my youngest at least), I freaked and would not stand for it.

        I was simply using Monk as an example of one of the shows that we have watched. Now please don’t think that I allow my kids to watch extremely violent shows like Sharknado or the likes. The most violent that they have watched would be The Avengers, Thor, Monk or Psych. I would like to add that Monk is not a horrible show at all (save for the opening scene which my youngest covers her eyes and ears during) and there are a lot more violent programs out there. It is sad though that she has to do this and yet I still let the program run.

        What concerned me about my actions was that I was “ok” with letting them witness violent/murderous acts in shows and overreact about lesbianism in a show. One is not worse than the other. Murder is not a 4 on the sin chart and lesbianism a 2. They are both sin but I was allowing them to watch one and was ok with it. I completely understand that in the particular show Monk, he solved the crime and justice prevailed. However they have seen shows where someone “got what they deserved”. As I’m writing this, I’m hearing my oldest voice in my head and can see her sitting on the couch watching a show with me and she said, “yeah, he needed to die”. I cannot recall the show but I’m appalled with myself that I’ve allowed it to reach this level.

        Personally I feel that we (perhaps just me) should be more aware of what our kids see on television. A few years back I would blow a gasket when a “small” curse word was uttered during a show that our family was watching and in many cases I would turn the show off to the dismay of my kids and wife for that matter.

        However, as of late I have become more and more lax on the content that was entering into their pliable young minds (kids not wife). I started simply saying, “goodness, not necessary” after a curse word was spoken. Then it turned into me sighing and now these days I just roll my eyes. Amos 5:14 says that we’re to “run from evil”. Not roll our eyes at it.

        Gone are the days of wonderful shows like, “The Andy Griffith Show” which we watched in its entirety on Netflix. Now our kids are daily bombarded with everything from sex on television to violence against others to witchcraft. It is our responsibility to train them up to stand against these things using the Word of God.

        I, for one will do my best to be more involved and not simply sit back and hope that Disney or Nickelodeon will teach my kids how to be good moral adults.

        If we do simply sit back and not actively participate then Jerry Springer is going to be on the air for quite some time.

        Thanks again for your response!

        Have a blessed day.

        • you should listen to your natural instincts. The fact is murder is always shown to be bad, you don’t have to worry about your kid being a murder just because the topic comes up in a show, and yes its probably not good for a kid to see the actual act, and from what you said they naturally don’t want to look any ways. However, trying to justify a lifestyle that essentially comes from either sexual deviance or mental disorders is going to confuse your child, as even children know everyone has a mother and a father. We don’t want them being confused at such an early age

      • Matt, I believe what Samuel was trying to say is by watching two programs with sinful acts in progress, and tell our kids one is not allowed but the other is ok, regardless of the content, the message comes across as, ”we can tolerate one but not the other”. We shouldn’t want or need to tolerate either. Both should be viewed as equal because sin is sin. Both sinful acts, regardless of the nature or content, will earn spiritual death in God’s eyes unless we seek forgiveness. Kids need to understand sin is sin. That is a fundamental truth, one cannot sugar coat. I applaud him for his efforts. I wouldn’t have even thought about that, but I will be more careful.

        • You are wrong, in shows like monk and most other detective shows murder is shown to be WRONG. Its actually supporting a Christian view, that it is wrong. However in the Disney show sin is shown to be good. That is the difference. Second of all I don’t know where some Christians come up with the nonsensical Idea that all sin is equal. The Bible completely states that some sins are deadly while others are not. Jesus specifically says to Pontius pilate that the one who handed me over has the GREATER sin. That theory goes against the bible and against common reason. Obviously getting angry and using a curse word is not as bad as murdering someone.

          • K – while it is certainly true that some sin may not cause as much damage to one’s body or another person (i.e. gossip may not cause as much physical damage as murder, naturally), the Bible is clear that sin is sin. One sin is all it takes to cause us ALL (Romans 3:23) to be guilty and worthy of judgement (Romans 6:23). That is where people are coming from when they use the phrase “all sin is equal.” Thanks so much for your comments.

          • your welcome for the comments, but you are interpreting scripture incorrectly. All sin is sin does not mean all sin is equal, yet that is what many people are trying to claim on here. That would be like saying all crime is crime, and then coming to the conclusion that all crime is equal. This is in complete contradiction to the scriptures and many people try to justify much more serious sins with this claim.

            “The one who handed me over to you is guilty of a greater sin” (John 19:11).

            1 John 5:16-17
            If anyone sees his brother committing a sin not leading to death, he shall ask, and God will give him life—to those who commit sins that do not lead to death. There is sin that leads to death; I do not say that one should pray for that. All wrongdoing is sin, but there is sin that does not lead to death.

            The Bible clearly states that their are different types of sin with greater weights to them.

    • I think the big difference here is that on Monk, murder is held up as being wrong. Why does Monk even bother to try to discover the killer? Because it’s wrong and the killer will have consequences. On the other show, the lesbianism is held up as right. There are no consequences because there is nothing wrong with what they are doing. Now, does it make a little more sense why it is ok to watch Monk and not the Disney show?

      Now, if we were talking about watching Dexter or the Disney show then there’s no real difference.

      • Michelle,

        Thanks for your reply. I will politely disagree with you that lesbianism. I believe that it is wrong.

        My example of the show Monk was simply to reveal that I have allowed my children to watch shows that contained murder, albeit nothing grotesque. Only recently when I became aware of this issue on Good Luck Charlie did I decide to take a more assertive role in what my children view on television.

        A brief success story: My daughter wanted to start watching a show on CW called, “Supernatural” because a friend recommended it. I’m so proud that she asked first and didn’t just start watching it. 🙂 I hadn’t seen it so I said, let me watch it first. Within 5 minutes I had made my decision that she would NOT be watching it. In the past I would have said, “that’s fine but it you see anything that you feel is inappropriate you turn it off”. I trust my kids but they’re still young and they may not fully comprehend what is inappropriate. This show within 5 minutes had horror, demons/ghosts, terror. Not appropriate.

        Kids minds are so susceptible and I personally want to make sure that I monitor everything that goes into their heads. I know that I won’t be able to shield them forever but I’m standing firm on Proverbs 22:6. God gave me my two daughters and gave me the tools and resources to raise them to be God fearing daughters of God. I am not going to take that lightly anymore. It is OUR responsibility to raise them up according to God’s Word and God’s standard, not the standard of what is of the world and politically correct.

        Be blessed!

        • You may have misunderstood, I wasn’t saying that YOU held lesbianism up at right; I’m saying that show did. And that’s what makes it unacceptable to watch while Monk is not unacceptable to watch (at least not because it shows murder, since it makes it plain that murder is wrong)

  9. I am a grandmother, coping with many changes in entertainment for kids. I was in children’s ministry for years. My concern is that we often look to Disney to be a moral high ground it isn’t designed to be. I am also concerned, however, that we don’t accept the fact this conversation is everywhere these days. Our children may encounter other children with gay parents. We can’t act as if it won’t happen or teach them to shun them if it does. Love and compassion need to rule of moral outrage and judgment. Choose your words carefully when you talk to your children about this; it is highly likely whatever you say will be blurted out at a possibly inappropriate moment by your child. The responsibility for our children belongs with us. Teach them to be Christlike, in all things.

  10. I totally agree with how you think of this! Your right Disney does have some very questionable kids shows. Makes me so sad that we have to guard our children from kids shows!

  11. This is a direct assault on children, they are easily persuaded. What we need to do is THIS… each of us plan a counterattack by teaching as many kids as possible the truth about God’s plan for a wonderful marriage between a man and a woman. If your not gifted with teaching or don’t have access to kids then make a donation to a children’s ministry that does. MAKE A DIFFERENCE instead of complaining. Most of all …pray that God will give parents the wisdom to turn off the electronic entertainment and spend some time with their kids, because it will go by very fast, praying with them, reading the word with them and living a life of truth in front of them. LET’S DO SOME DAMAGE TO THE ENEMY BY EQUIPPING SOME KIDS WITH THE TRUTH!

  12. this is not too mature for 6 yrs olds!!! Six year old kids go to school and encounter other children who might live in same-gender households, it’s a fact of life – not a Christian or non-Christian issue at all. I know several gay CHRISTIAN couples who have children. This is what many families look like and is no stranger than bi-racial couples 50 yrs ago. WWJD? Love and compassion!

    • Wendy, I love you’re response!! There were so many responses that I thought we had just gone back 50 years. I kept thinking “how is this wrong? They are showing a couple in love who just happens to be of the same sex”. Isn’t that what we all want? To find that one person to spend the rest of our lives with that loves us as much as we love them? I think they all need to listen to Mackelmore’s song, Same Love!

    • WWJD? He’d probably say you’re forgiven of your sins (yes, there is a such thing and the New Testament lays them out in terms that leave no room for interpretation), and then he’d say to go and sin no more. I suspect he would not say that if society begins to accept sinful lifestyle decisions as normal, then the definition of sin is thereby changed and that Christians should just stop taking His words, spoken through the Apostle Paul, so seriously. Because, hey, the only command that really matters is love one another. The rest of His commands are open for interpretation and free to be ignored if the demands of a progressive society require it.

      • Matt, thanks for posting your comment. However, i wanted you to know that I edited your comment (removing the quoted reference to Wendy’s original phrase that included the ** – I think you know what I am referring to). I realize you were just quoting her, but I felt like that phrase really shouldn’t be a part of the discourse here. Thanks, again. Hope you understand.

    • Hey Wendy! Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts. I wanted to let you know that I did edit your post – taking out the one sentence you used that included a phrase that (although you did use ** instead of the actual word) I found to be too harsh and not helpful to the conversation. Just wanted you to know why I edited it. I appreciate you sharing.

  13. It sounds to me like you’re right on. If every Christian reacted like that our kids would be much less confused and our churches would be lots fuller. It’s called following in Jesus’ footsteps… acting and reacting as He did.

  14. Parents you should be freaking out, this is ridiculous. Everyone should write Disney channel and tell them how absurd this is. The liberal agenda keeps wanting to force this on children so they can brainwash the next generation. Its propaganda at its best and most effective form. All of you so called Christians who are saying we shouldn’t freak out are just becoming decensitized. You are in the process of their propaganda scheme. Also I don’t know why everybody on here keeps saying all sin is equal. Is that what your ill informed preacher told you. John 19:11 . John also goes on to say there is a sin that is deadly while there is a sin that is not. Jesus also says to Pontius pilate. The one who handed me over has the GREATER sin. So people stop making that up to justify homosexuality. It is a sick lifestyle that the world is trying to force on our children. Take action

  15. My son informed me this morning that Disney had also managed that every third marvel comic that they publish will have a gay couple in it. Haven’t checked this yet but he reads news articles too.

  16. God had a hand in making every child…why would he make someone gay? Obviously God loves everyone and so should we. Let’s stop freaking out and teach love and acceptance.

    • God never made them gay, he also didn’t make someone a polygamist or someone who agrees to incest. People have their own mental problems and decisions. We shouldn’t say they are good when theyre not

    • K – of course He has a hand, He knit us together in our mother’s womb (Ps 139). He would or wouldn’t “make someone gay” no more or no less than He would make someone an alcoholic, a drug abuser, a violent spousal abuser, a pornographer, someone with homicidal rage, or even build people with a tendency to disbelieve Him and be atheists.

      The truth is, that couple (or at least the fictitious couple portrayed in the show) is an equal sinner to you and me, someone who is responsible for our own sin, as we all are since the fall in the garden, and you can either respond by Romans 10:9 or Romans 1:26.

      I don’t BLAME God that there are couples who are sexually sinful. In my own past chock full of sexual sin (pornography, pre-marital sex) and my present (the occasional lustful glance that reminds me how much of a work in progress I still am) – these are all things that are on me, and by the Grace of God are less frequent, and always forgiven, because I accepted Him, asked for forgiveness, and continue to repent when I stumble. That couple has the same opportunities I do, to turn away from the sin and towards Jesus.

      This is not Christians picking on the gays. It’s Christians not enjoying sin. This one happens to be a lesbian couple. If the show were to portray the lead character having sex with her boyfriend, this same blog post would exist.

      As we teach our families (and congregations) on sin, we will increasingly be targeted as hateful people, where those teachings diverge from societal norms. Right now, for example: murder is still absolutely abhorred in society. Pornography is becoming normalized. Gay marriage is as well.

      If 100 years from now we are in some post-nuclear dystopian world where murder has become acceptable, then people will complain with next generation’s Pastors decry the sinful nature of murder. Today, however, it’s gay marriage and pot smoking that are the hot button issues of things that were wrong and are becoming “right in the eyes of society but not God”.

  17. Brian, I really appreciate your thoughts on this. Just in the last week it seems we are getting slammed with these types of “force-feeding” on social issues via the media/entertainment industry. Last weekend with the Grammy Awards. This coming weekend with the scheduled same-sex wedding during the Super Bowl Halftime Show. You are correct, it’s happening in our world, in our nation, in our own community. It just is. But also, as you mentioned, there is so much sin all around us. It’s almost impossible to completely protect our children from the influence of the world. But we have control over how we guide and teach our children. Likewise, our own faith and lifestyle can be just as powerful of an influence, if not more powerful, if we take on that responsibility and be very intentional about it. On a personal note, I have to keep myself in check with my reactions and response to these issues. It is very frustrating to witness such a bold-face attempt to force an agenda (no matter what it is) on all of us, but especially our children. We definitely can’t be passive and pretend it isn’t happening. My flesh wants to react. But the wisdom of the Holy Spirit, if I allow Him to work in me, can help me discern a loving Christ-like response. Again, thanks for taking the time to open a conversation about this issue.

  18. Thank you, Brian, for sharing your thoughts on this subject. I am appalled at the way the homosexual agenda is being promoted every where we turn. We cannot put our heads in the sand. We must be courageous and speak out against this sin.
    God bless you,
    Virginia Barker

  19. Thanks for your article, I find it very helpful. My daughter loves Good Luck Charlie and she is only 6. My husband and I have never had a problem with the show and enjoy watching it with her. I have never been afraid to turn it on and leave the room to go get a shower or cook dinner. I had a certain comfort with the show until now. We were taken back by Disney introducing that in the show and waited until the end of the season and the end of the show altogether. It did really bother us, because we are also in ministry and of course do not up hold that life style. However on a better note you have been helpful with your article in how to handle the situation. My daughter did not catch on as much as we could tell so we did not bring it up, but there will come a day when we will have to talk about the life styles that other choose to live that is outside of our beliefs as Christians. I will not allow her to watch that episode again, but will continue to let her watch the other episodes. I do feel Disney needs to know how Christians feel about the choice of bringing that into a children’s show simply because it is time for Christians to stand up for what is true, and correct. We have been called to speak truth to the lost but I do agree it needs to be done in love.

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  21. I have been questioning Disney for awhile now. Although my boys do not watch this show, they do watch some of the others. Take the Movie Rango for instance. I was watching it for the first time with my 6 year old the other day. I was amazed at the swear words in the movie. Why do they have to put those words in a children’s cartoon weather geared towards 3 year olds or 10 year olds. There are things like swearing and other issues like same sex couples, that have no business being on shows our little children watch. If our children are watching an adult show and see it, then that is for us to deal with. Disney needs to re-think what they are doing. Yes it is something in society they will encounter, but shouldn’t we determine when and how?

  22. Thank you, everyone, for your comments and response. I never expected the level of response this post has generated – over 15,000 views and over 3600 Facebook shares and counting. I am thankful to each of you and am definitely open for civil discourse, even if you disagree. However, I just want to politely ask that ALL comments (whether you agree or disagree) be done with a kind and gentle spirit. Certainly, this issue is a sensitive one. I completely understand the passion behind it. However, I have already had to delete several comments (and edit others) that used harsh words, profanity, etc. Let’s not go there. Thanks so much!

    • You see the problem is calling this controversial. I remember when D&D was accused of being a manual for Satanic rituals. That players lived by the Player’s Handbook. But the irony of it all is we didn’t. The people that said this live by their book. A book that is half wrong historically speaking and the other half is shaky in that regards.

      There is no reason why people can’t live by what they feel, but not letting what their children decide what is right is just weird. My parents believed strongly in the Bible, and in the Christian faith. They let me decide. But seeing that others would not allow others to live without the bible, I turned my back on the church. Because a faith that preaches “Honor thy Neighbor” But some how not “Honor thy Neighbors beliefs” is not how I feel God wanted to have that interpreted. The Bible says that these people will go to hell, but Jesus himself believed in turning the other cheek. To speak out and restrict other beliefs is in itself unchristian. Even if in the end their reward is Hell, at least be a good Christian and let them live their life the way they see fit. Because if you are to go out of their way to restrict them than in the end you are too going against the teachings of Christ. And are doomed to join them.

      • Hey Thomas! Thanks for commenting. I am very sad to hear that you feel you turned your back on the church. Sometimes Christian people can be hurtful, and I know that is very difficult to handle. I pray that you are able to heal from any hurt you have endured.

        I agree that we should not try to “restrict anyone’s beliefs.” I think it worth noting that in this post, I have not called for a Boycott of Disney or an attempt to try to restrict them from airing whatever they wish to air. I truly believe they have every right to put whatever they desire on their channel, I really do. So, there is certainly no attempt to restrict Disney or anyone else for believing in whatever they desire. On the other hand, I certainly don’t WANT anyone to believe something that is untrue or against what God declares as truth, but I absolutely believe in their right to do so.

        When Jesus said, “Love your neighbor as you love yourself,” He certainly was very clear in this. It is difficult, however, to look at the life of Jesus and believe that He just wanted everyone to “live their own life and believe what they want.” If that were His goal, He never would have left Heaven, come to Earth, and suffered a brutal death to pay for the sins of ALL of us (including my own). Jesus loved everyone, but He did not shy away from speaking out against sin and was very clear, even raising the standard for Godly behavior and belief. He said, “You have heard that it was said, ‘You shall not commit adultery.’ But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart.” (Matthew 5:27-28)

        Again, my goal in this blog post was not to stir up a debate, but rather to make parents and Kids Ministry leaders aware that the episode had aired, what the subject matter was, and to offer some ideas as to how they could use this for a constructive dialog with their kids. Thanks so much for your input! I appreciate it!

        • Well I’ll be. You sir are a sterling example of the community. I can understand where you are indeed coming from. And I am sad that you have to be the face here for some of the worser aspects of the community.

  23. I agree.
    From a Christian stand point I do not support this therefore this type of programming wont be allowed in my home. because that is not what I wish to expose my child too. However from a parents stand point I am more angry, because no matter what people are saying this is an agenda not being forced on us, but forced on our children and whether anyone agrees with a persons parenting or not, it is still up to each parent to decide a set of values and belief system to raise their children by, I do not need Disney or any channel or person deciding what to introduce my child too or when. The out come is still the same though, that channel will not be on in my home. I still support Disney Jr shows as of now.

  24. what i find disturbing is that they play on “charlies” reaction. she doesnt seem to care so why should we as adults care. we should care enough not to watch or let our children watch. It is satans way of slowly infiltrating our minds to be more tolerant of worldly ideas. we need to boycott the show thats at least one action besides prayer that we can do and not draw negative attention to ourselves like every other rally does. will i let my sone and daughter watch from now on, no way. there are other decent shows disney has they can watch. I like the article. there are alot of shows my kids dont watch cause of language, adult content, and things that are beyond there comprehension level. at some point and time we need to make a stand and today is better than tomorrow.

  25. It seems as if the acceptance of homosexuality is being shoved down our throats, whether we like it or not. What people do in the privacy of their homes is none of my concern, however when its being displayed in the public for my child to see, I have a problem. I will have a discussion with my daughter about the show and why she will not be watching it, problem is it may do the opposite and peek interest even more, tell a child not to do something and more than likely they will.

    • Even if it does ‘backfire’ in a sense, sitting down and explaining why you are not permitting it in your home reinforces the values your family upholds. Your child may not thoroughly understand your reasoning but here’s a good time to teach the 5th commandment. Your child is going to have to learn to accept that parents have oversight in their home over all things, including what they watch/don’t watch. this conversation has the potential to teach more than just what the Bible forbids.

  26. This is sick. My kids watch this show often, and while I find Disney often grating, I never expected them to start introducing this to our children. It’s not fair to parents.

    • I know what you mean. I miss the good old days of kid’s tv back when it was Mickey Mouse and Looney Tunes. And the toughest question we had to answer for our kids was why didn’t Donald wear pants. What is wrong with this country?

    • I know what you mean James. I am a little old for this kind of thing now, but my little sister is watching these kinds of shows, and man I don’t know what ideas she’d get if this is what she thinks this acceptable. Thank you Brian for keeping us up to date on this kind of thing.

  27. I am a college student studying to become a teacher, and introducing this couple, although wasn’t necessary, is a good step that Disney is taking. The reality of the situation, whether you approve of it or not, is that there are children who have two parents of the same sex. How often do those children’s home lives relate to what they watch on tv? Never. Those children watch tv stations like Nick, Disney, and Cartoon Network just like all children do; but do they ever see children who have same sex parents? No they don’t. Disney presented to these children to a child like them, they did it subtly and tastefully. To other parents, you do need to control what you believe is appropriate or inappropriate for your children to watch. As we all know, much of television today is far too inappropriate that sometimes I, a 21 year old college student, even am disgusted that things like that are shown on tv (aka. Jersey Shore). But a same sex couple for a total of 20 seconds on a Disney program isn’t harmful, if nothing else, it’s teaching your children about diversity and accepting people who are different from them. It doesn’t matter what your beliefs are, you’re going to interact with people constantly who are different from you. Why not show children that it’s okay to be different?

    • K, thank you so much for sharing! Although the clip I shared was only 20 seconds, the show devoted half of the airtime to this subplot. It went on to show the Dad trying to figure out which Mom was the “Dad” in the situation who he was going to hang out with and watch football. I agree with you, Disney handled it about as tastefully as they could have. I don’t even disagree with their right to air it. I am not calling for a boycott of Disney or an internet uproar of any kind. My goal was to make parents and Kids Ministry leaders aware that the episode aired, what the subject matter was, and to offer some ideas as to how they could use this for a constructive dialog with their kids. I fully agree with you that parents should have the conversation with their kids that same-sex couples exist and that children belonging to same-sex couples will possibly be in their class – and that their goal should be to include, love, and befriend them just as they should EVERY child. That’s a lot of the reason I wrote the blog – to encourage parents to have that exact conversation – along with reinforcing what God’s Word says. Again, thank you so much for weighing in – and doing so with such respect. I appreciate that!

      • Brian, thank you as well! I appreciate the way in your article that you made your point in a clear way. A lot of people are very upset about this, saying things that can be very offensive to many people. But it’s nice to hear an argument in opposition to my own that is tasteful and respectful.

        • You are welcome. And, I agree, too many Christians make the mistake of making valid points while using hurtful tones in their words. There’s no reason for that. I wish ALL sides of EVERY argument would be able to share their thoughts without tearing down those with whom they disagree. God bless! Have a wonderful day!

  28. Reading through the comments has been great. Kind of nice to see how people with different views can have civil discourse.
    I see often comments about why people pick one sin and make a big deal out of it when no sin is good. If I may share a thought about this?—The vast majority of Christians believe the Bible calls homosexual acts sin as it does adultery, so why do Christians react so passionately about homosexuality and not so much in regards to adultery? This may seem to be the case but generally Christians will call adultery sin if asked about it. They still love the adulterer however. But it seems to be a difficult concept for the world to grasp that the same Christian can call homosexual acts sin but still love the homosexual. The main reason it SEEMS that the church accepts adultery more so than homosexuality is that the adulterer does not attempt to force the Christian to deny that adultery is sin. The adulterer would ask that we just continue to love him or her. Also, the adulterers have not united to advance an agenda that invites ostracization, accusations of hatred, and threats against businesses and livelihood if the Christian decides to continue to believe what he believes the Bible says about adultery.

    I believe these times we live in will see Christians becoming more of the “peculiar people” the Bible speaks of as we live by a different Authority in our lives than the world does.

    • Good point, Patricia! I wonder how many of the parents who are now boycotting Good Luck Charlie have also boycotted every show which has ever portrayed pre-marital sex or adultery, or any other sins, for that matter. Probably not many shows or movies to watch, in that case.

  29. I, too was disappointed but not surprised. Often, at the end of a series the writers “push the envelope” on controversial subjects.
    On the same night that this show aired a re-run of a Jessie episode also aired in which there was a homo-sexual innuendo between two of the male characters. Although it wasn’t as in-the-face as the Good Luck Charlie. And it is always important to stay in tune with what our kids are exposed to and dialogue about it.

  30. Hi Brian, I am a Christian mom who has watched shows with my kids. When my daughter was younger she had a friend who lied a lot!! She would tells us all kinds of stories and come to find out that her mother was living with another woman and they had been told tell people that their “step siblings” were their “cousins”. I felt so bad for this child who was thrown into the lies of her mother and was trying to deal with all the other stuff that goes with it. I understand how that this might be a terrible thing, but in the case of my daughter’s friend I am not so sure. I pray that we are not the ostriches the world thinks that we are. I loved this child . But I wouldn’t want any child to have to lie to cover up someone’s else’s sin. Perhaps this would have made her feel more comfortable to talk about what was going on in her household. These should be opportunities for us to talk to our children and their friends about the love of God not just the word of God. And thank you for the comments about sin being sin whether it is lying or homosexuality. Lets get our heads out of the sand, protect our children, but also tell them the truth cuz there is very little more embarrassing then a child pointing out in public that there is a same sex couple sitting at a table next to you and you trying to shush them then or try to explain it without sounding judgemental, or just plain running out of the restaurant. Our kids face more life things then we did and we cannot run from it anymore, or pretend that it doesn’t exist, it puts our children at danger of falling into the judgmental and bully type behaviours.

  31. I can’t believe that you let this come on a show, or any show! I thought that Good Luck Charley was the best show for kids on Disney Channel. But, I was wrong! I am really disappointed in what decision y’all made.

    • Hannah, I am not sure who this comment is directed to. Hopefully you’re not thinking that WE had any part in putting this scene on a Disney Channel show. I am sure you are just directing your comment toward Disney – but I just wanted to make certain that you didn’t think that we are Disney or connected to them in any way. Thanks!

  32. Dont let my kids watch Good luck charlie anyways because it has the baby having magicaly powers(if I remember right). I am thinking this was the show that had that and told my kids it was a no go to watch. Just another reason why they wont be watching it at all.

    • Kris,

      I can recall many years ago being told by my parents that I was not allowed to watch the cartoon, “Masters of the Universe” because it was full of evil and magic. Looking back on that show and comparing it to some of the cartoons that are available to our kids these days is amazing. Shows have definitely changed over the years.

      I also remember my parents catching my oldest sister watching MTV shortly after we got cable put in for the first time. My mother was horrified about it and literally ripped the old Jerrold cable box with the cord and the slider style knob from the TV.

      That was the last time my parents had cable in their house with kids. It took ALL the kids (4) moving out before they entertained the thought of getting cable again. When they finally did they only got basic cable.

  33. Brian,

    I enjoyed this post very much. I agree 100%. We as Christians must shun sin, but we still live in a world full of sin. We must teach our children to love everyone, but to know what sin is. Our children are now 27 and twins 20. We always made sure they watched things on TV that we good for them, and many times we would watch with them and comment on things that were wrong or sinful. We live in the country and they had a 1 hour bus ride to and from school. I also rode a bus when I was in school. You will truly get a “street” education on a school bus, so it was very important that our children were taught by us right from wrong. Our older son is now a police officer, and our younger son is a jailer. Our daughter is in college to be a choir teacher. They were always taught to be kind to all people. They had and still have homosexual friends, and they know the sin is wrong, but that God loves the people and wants them to be saved. I am glad that my children can now be an example to those and other people who are living in a life of sin of some kind or other.
    Keep up the good work!

  34. I don’t agree with teaching children that diversity is a bad thing. What happened to non judgement and accepting people for who they are?

  35. *Love one another as I have loved you.
    *Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen.
    *I appeal to you, dear brothers and sisters, by the authority of our Lord Jesus Christ, to live in harmony with each other. Let there be no divisions in the church. Rather, be of one mind, united in thought and purpose.
    *Do everything without grumbling or arguing, so that you may become blameless and pure, “children of God without fault in a warped and crooked generation.” Then you will shine among them like stars in the sky

    These are just four of the many instructions that have been so lovingly given to me from papa God through his word. His words are to give life and not death and we are to be lead by precious Holy Spirit to deliver them in such a way, but instead of life we let our words and actions to nonbelievers but also sadly to one another tear down instead of build up. I know the precious word of God tells me that we are to “work out our own salvation with fear and trembling Phil 2:12” so why do we as believers let issues as serious as they may be make us fuss with one another and possibly push away others. Jesus didn’t fuss and argue he simply spoke truth and moved on. He didn’t force issues, he simply spoke truth and moved on. I am by no means Jesus and don’t claim to be. I know I have my faults and make mistakes on a consistent basis, but I know I am also instructed in the word to everyday strive to be more and more like Jesus. Will I ever accomplish that and be finished with it here on earth no and that is why I pray without ceasing asking precious Holy Spirit for guidance and wisdom on how to handle tough issues with the world and my kids in a loving Christ like manner. Do I always succeed in handling things the right way no, but I fix what needs to be fixed and try to do better the next time. “they will know you are my disciples if you love one another John 13:35”.

    I personally have friends that choose such a life style and though they know exactly where I stand on the issue we are still friends because I love them with the love of Christ and pray for them daily. This world is full of stuff that our kids will see on a daily basis good and bad monitored or not monitored. It is our job as parents and Pastors to lead them in truth with love with help from precious Holy Spirit cause we certainly do not have the wisdom to do it on our own. We can only pray that when they are faced with such issues that the foundation we lay will keep them grounded in the life giving truth of papa God and teach them how to see others with God’s eyes and love others with God’s heart.

    Lord help me be more like you everyday so that your truth be shared, blinders be removed and your love be spread so that others will see you and know your unconditional love for them. Amen

  36. Just turn the TV off! I stopped letting my kids watch any cartoon or disney channels years ago and this is why. Yes, it gives your kids the advantage to ask you but what if you were not there. This is one of many things people are trying to promote in your kids minds and mostly behind your back. It is time if you believe in God then do not promote things that are against God. Take a stand…remember you kids are watching your reactions!! They learn by example not what you tell them.

  37. I appreciate this article! I do not have children myself but in working with children and parents at church it is an issue that inevitability will have to be addressed. Thanks for the reminders and points on how to handle this in a Godly manner.

    On a side note, it’s also inspiring to see how you handle controversial topics and even comments. I’m personally working on myself handling issues with Godly graciousness and am thankful for your example.

  38. Great post, Brian, and commendations for taking to the Internet with a high-level discourse (and moderation!). I think it all comes down to the expectations we have of entertainment and entertainment companies in general.

    I was reminded of this again Monday after hearing of the antics of several musicians and entertainers on the telecast of the Grammys. I’m continually amazed at the reactions of many Christians who have allowed themselves to develop high expectations for people who do not follow Jesus.

    Thanks again!

  39. I think what you wrote is great!! Its such a hard thing to explain and the words are so difficult to come up with. I want my kids to know how to love the sinner but hate the sin. And its hard to know how to teach that!! Its confusing for me so I can’t imagine how they feel! So its really great to read some ideas that help out!! Thx so much

  40. This is somewhat hilarious – everyone is so afraid of their kids seeing a normal, loving couple. The horrors!!

    If the internet and cable TV existed 50 years ago, this blog would be about the first black couple on a Disney show and when to turn the TV off.

  41. Thanks for posting the video Brian. Disney brought them into their home, as Christ followers would we do the same thing? Also, you brought up a great point to not over react as christians often do. hopefully there are some christ followers working for disney who can plant the seed and touch their lives. You had a lot of great points and balance here. Love it!

  42. I think this is great! Way to go Disney !!! It’s the year 2014, grow up people, the world is changing and you can either fight it or come to terms

  43. Great article. Good perspective, and very encouraging to the believer and very loving to the unbeliever. My only concern/correction/rebuke… is that even still (as many of us christians are) you’re a little too light on the sin; or the theology of the sin rather. (Speaking to your third point above) All sins are not created equal! That is not biblical. Jesus himself teaches different, as does the rest of scripture. “When Jesus was on trial before Pilate, he said: ‘He who delivers me unto you has the greater sin’ (John 19:11) In Mark 9 He sternly warns those who “tempt others” to sin. We are also aware of Jesus’ teaching on even an “unpardonable sin”! (Mark 3). In Paul’s first letter to Timothy, he denounced any Christian man who neglected his family. “But if anyone does not provide for his people, and especially his own household, he has denied the faith, and is worse than an unbeliever” (1 Timothy 5:8). (In essence, a sin that is worse than a “sinner”). In passages that speak of greater degrees of punishment, it becomes obvious that there are varying levels of sinfulness. It is possible for evil people to become worse, and still worse yet (2 Timothy 3:13). And so, according to biblical teaching, there will be more punishment for some than others (Matthew 11:20; Luke 12:47-48; Hebrews 10:28-29; James 3:1; 2 Peter 2:20-21). And even more specifically to this article, sexual sin (although not singling out homosexuality alone, but ALL sexual sin) is a different sin altogether because it is sin against our own bodies which which belongs to Christ! (1 Cor 6:12-20) “Shall I then take the members of Christ and make them members of a prostitute?” Sexual sin is not the same as stealing a post-it note. So as I completely agree, and practice, your above remarks and shepherding, I would add further when speaking to others, or your children, do not shy away from the truth of the graveness of sexual sin. Although it may sound harsher to say and teach, it is truth, and we as Christians tend to be more concerned about “speaking in love” rather than “speaking the TRUTH in love” (Eph 4:15). After all, if it’s truth, then isn’t it even more “loving” to say so?

  44. Okay, I was actually waiting for this to happen. I’ve watched Disney channel probably ever since I was 7. Wow, it did happen. In all honesty, I’m not for homosexuality, but I don’t put people that are homosexual down at at all and respect that they are human beings JUST like us. I found the parent’s acting to be VERY unprofessional towards this view. The way they brought and talked about the conversation was weird and odd. I’m not sure why I saw this.

  45. I totally agree with your comments on the matter Brian. Honestly i won’t let my kids watch the show anymore in particular the younger ones because to me despite you explain it to them an relate the bible and gods perspective on it letting them continue to watch two women kissing and talking about the night they spent together is like condoning their actions and I don’t condone it at all. I am extremely disappointed with Disney for including such a controversial, spiritually and socially wrong topic in a show that they fully well know young children boys an girls will be watching. Signs of the times!!! What next Disney?