How To Talk To Kids About God


Recently, I spoke to our entire congregation about “How To Talk To Kids About God.”  It seems that parents and grandparents have mystified the idea of having spiritual conversations about God.  They feel that they must have a Bachelor’s Degree in Children’s Education in order to have the expertise necessary to speak clearly to their children about the things of God.

Unfortunately, we are often to blame.  For too long, the Church (and Children’s Ministry Leaders specifically) has poised itself as “the official spiritual trainer of children.”  This is definite far from the Biblical case that I lay out in the introduction of this message.

I have included a How To Talk To Your Kids About…God (OUTLINE).  Also, you can watch the video of the full teaching below.

Feel free to use this in your church to teach the parents of the children in your ministry  about the importance of having meaningful GOD conversations with their kids.


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13 thoughts on “How To Talk To Kids About God

  1. So as I product of both being raised in a christian home and being in children’s ministry,if the parent is new to the faith they will not know, just like children they need to be taught they need ideas of how to lead their child lo Christ the steps asking questions. I think we should have a parent meeting a discuss this. The children’s ministry is to help the parents. We both workers and patents to be aware of the holy spirit moving.

  2. We are in this season right now. For the last few weeks on the way to church my son has started conversations about death and what happens after death. I told him if he has trusted in Jesus as his savior he would go to heaven. At some point he asked if Santa was going to be in heaven. Then, this last Sunday as we are rolling into the church parking lot, and after more conversation he bowed his head and said Dear Lord I’m ready to die and come be with you in heaven. I was speechless.

  3. I esa raised Catholic/Christian in a loving Home bit never knew how to tell others about the word and life if Jesus. Now I have 3 children and many nieces and nephews to talk to about the bible and the Holy Spirit. Even though we pray everyday, those questions are very challenging. Thank you for this video.

  4. Great video, We plan to show it to our young adult Wednesday night class soon.

    Will you have the six week class mentioned at the end of the video available for other churches to use?