What Do You Consider A “WIN” For Your Volunteers?

This past week, I was asked by a fellow Kids Pastor – “What do you consider a WIN for your volunteers?” I shared with him my thoughts and thought I would share them with you as well.

Kid-Connection – When a volunteer gets to the point where their main focus when they are in Kids Church (or other area of Kidmin) is to connect with the kids that are present, rather than the other adults that are present, then we have a WIN!  We push our team to engage every child they can, learn their name, and find out what their spiritual needs are.  When a volunteer does this on a regular basis, then I know we have moved them to the next level.

Faithfulness – When a volunteer exhibits consistent faithfulness in attendance, is on time (early), and gives their all to their ministry assignment, – that is a huge win!

Growing Skill Level – When a volunteer is consistent to our volunteer training events and is growing in their ministry skill – WIN!

Prayer Focus – When a volunteer prays regularly for the kids they influence and their fellow team members – BIG win!

Team-Builder – When a volunteer consistently tells others about what God is doing in Kidmin and is a monster-recruiter for the ministry, that is a HUGE win!

These are ALL areas we consistently work on and are seeking to move each volunteer forward in each area.

What about you?  What are some WINS that you are consistently shooting for with your volunteer team?  Leave a comment below…

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2 thoughts on “What Do You Consider A “WIN” For Your Volunteers?

  1. When volunteers rise out of your ministry because of the legacy built into your ministry where kids are serving and youth are serving and there is a continuous outflow of kids workers. This is a definite WIN!!!

    When recruiting for extra curricular stuff like camp and fine arts and all nighters becomes easy because leaders get it. This is a WIN. I don’t ever have to recruit for camp because they just want to come. This is a WIN.